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About Fintech4CapMarkets

FinTech4CapMarkets is an outsource Business Development & Marketing provider helping technology businesses to Target, Engage & Retain customers.

Started by John Owens who has over 20 years Business Development, Product Management and Marketing experience within  Capital Markets technology, he is bringing his demonstrated abilities, to help FinTech firms penetrate the Financial Markets sector.

John Owens

What we do

Simply put, its about maximizing your revenues. I will work with you to ensure that you Target, Engage and Retain customers to maximize revenues, whatever your stage of development.

I can work with you to bring products to market by ensuring your go to market strategy is robust and realistic, has impact & achieves rapid speed to market.

I will bolster your Business Development efforts helping to identify and succeed at winning new geographic markets and new accounts. Additionally I can develop partnerships and affiliations to increase your reach and scope.

Customers are hard to come by and I can help you to achieve the highest retention rates by maximising customer satisfaction through excellence in sales processes and service delivery.

How we engage

Working with an outsider for your business development is not a consideration to be taken lightly. I’d take time with you to make sure that there is mutual benefit, that the chemistry is right between us and to see how I may be able to help. If I can’t help we’ll part as friends and hopefully our paths would cross again. Contact me now to see how I can help you to accelerate your revenues.

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